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The Conversation

Recently, I came across a conversation between a father and his teenager son in an article. Basically, the father asked his son the meaning of these 4 sentences:

1. What does it mean to let myself be others? The son responded that it is to raise self awareness. Often, we are only able to identify the faults of others, the next time before judging others, we should take a good look at ourselves.

2. What does it mean to let others be myself? The son replied that it is able to empathise with others, understand their feelings and offer help when needed.

3. What does it mean to let others be others? The son replied that it is to respect others; never force our ideals and not to cross the boundary of others’ comfort zone. 

4. How about let myself be myself? Paused for a moment, the son replied that it is about self believe, especially in times of failure. Look at the issue objectively, analyse it, recognise it and solve it.  


I was in awe of the son’s answers. That didn’t at all sounds like a teenager’s answers. I imagine myself to be the man and ask the youth the meaning of these 3 sentences. I guess his replies would be:

1. What does it mean to let myself be the world? It is to be more aware of the world’s sustainability. Often, we are busy with routine issues and neglect the environmental issues of the world.

2. What does it mean to let the world be myself? It is to understand the world more and take part in forming a green world.

3. What does it mean to let the world be the world? It’s respecting the sustainability of this world; avoid using any non-biodegradable products which may harm the earth. 


How would you have answered the questions?



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