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About ReduceWasteSG

A Sustainable World

ReduceWasteSG exists to bring global awareness of a sustainable lifestyle and to reduce the use of plastic products. Our online shop offers a range of eco-friendly products at reasonable prices to encourage organisations and individuals to go green. However, we are aware that plastic has a long history with the world since 1907; it will take some time to sever that long lasting relationship. Furthermore, many of us are caught up with our work, family or social life and we hardly have time to think about a sustainable world.

Begins With Me

ReduceWasteSG believes that a green world begins with self care. Why is self care important? It's because individuals who are capable of meeting their own bodily and emotional needs are often better prepared to care for others. When you are equipped to care for others, you are ready to care for the world. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all connected. To display behaviours of a sustainable lifestyle, we need to address our thoughts and feelings.

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Let us work on a reduce waste lifestyle before achieving a zero waste lifestyle.